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If requested, we will be able to provide private accommodation for you. Some hosts live near our school. Families mostly live in "green" boroughs, downtown or near the university you will find mainly singles, or people who share an apartment. Some hosts also provide breakfast or half-board.

We offer also an apartment with other students from our school:
You live in an apartment with other students from our German courses. The apartment have two or more bedrooms. The kitchen and bathroom are shared with others in the apartments.

Rooms will usually be reserved on Sunday before the language courses start. Hosts also provide bedclothes and towels. The comfort of the rooms will vary.

Private accommodation of course is not the same as living in a hotel. You will have to take care of your room by yourself. On the first days of your stay you should discuss the terms with your hosts, i.e. talk about using the kitchen, the household, telephone, and about mealtimes if you have breakfast and half-board.

In case of causing any damage, you should talk immediately with your host about it. You are expected to compensate for any damage.

Price for rooms:
using the kitchen included 440 €*
half-board included 630 €*

*Prices are for 4 weeks.

Language courses no. 4 and 6 last 5 weeks. Accomodation will therefore cost 550 € and 790 € (half-board included).

There will be no refunding of fees if rooms will be cancelled after courses started. If you wish cancellation of a booked accommodation, you have to inform us at least 2 weeks before your course will start.

Please mind: Most hosts will request a deposit before giving you the keys. Deposits will be 100 €. Deposits will be refund by the end of your stay.

Transfer needed?
If requested, we will organize transfers from the airport "Frankfurt Main" or main station.

This service will cost 50 €.

Airport Frankfurt/Hahn
For students arriving at Frankfurt/Hahn please find here shuttle bus connection and schedule to Frankfurt main station:
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