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TANDEM International

TANDEM International

"TANDEM Frankfurt - Zentrum für deutsche Sprache und Kultur e.V." is part of the global TANDEM net.
TANDEM International is a member of  ALTO (Association of Language Travel Organisations).

More Informations about TANDEM International you'll find at:

TANDEM Language Exchange

Tandem is a special method of actively learning languages. Tandem means working together. You'll meet a local person who is learning your language, both of you meet regularly, speak alternately in the foreign language and your language. You should have basic language knowledge. More Informations about TANDEM Language Exchange you'll find at:

tandem App

TANDEM International

With over 5 million members, the Tandem app is the largest global community for language learners. Members of the community form one-on-one Tandem partnerships to teach each other their native languages for free via text, audio and video chat. Added features like message correction and in-app translations make it even easier for you to learn from your mistakes and extend your vocabulary. Choose from 150+ languages, connect with like-minded people and reach fluency in no time! Find out more at

TANDEM Schools

The TANDEM network has schools in the following countries:

German courses in Germany

Berlin: TANDEM Berlin
Hamburg: TANDEM Hamburg
Bremen: CASA Bremen
Göttingen: TANDEM Göttingen
Bielefeld: TANDEM Bielefeld
Frankfurt: TANDEM Frankfurt
Munich: TANDEM München
Cologne: TANDEM Köln

Italien courses in Italy

Venice: Instituto Venezia
Florence: Centro Machiavelli
Rome: Torre di Babele
Milan: Centro Milano

Spanish courses in Spain

Barcelona: Escuela Mediterráneo
Madrid: TANDEM Madrid
Granada: Escuela Montalbán
San Sebastián: TANDEM San Sebastián

Santiago de Chile: TANDEM Santiago de Chile


French courses in

Montpellier: Institut Européen

Informations on the TANDEM schools (as well as links to all the TANDEM schools all over the world) you'll find at:

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