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Placement test
All German language classes take place in the rooms of our school, "zentrum für deutsche sprache und kultur e.V.".

The levels meet the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) given by the European Council. Finishing levels A1, A2 and B1 will enable you to pass the ground level exam, "Zertifikat Deutsch". The ground level is followed by levels B2 (intermediate level 1) and C1 (intermediate level 2/advanced level) which will enable you for an intermediate level exam ("Mittelstufenprüfung"). Final level C2 is for advanced and high level students.

"zentrum" doesn't offer classes for interpreters.

A placement test will help you to find appropriate level classes. We can provide you with a certification of your attendance to classes.


You will be able to understand and use easy phrases.


You will be able to communicate in situations of everyday life.


You will be able to communicate about most topics using easy language.


You will be able to understand more complex texts and communicate about special interest topics.


You will be able to understand difficult texts and to communicate spontaneously and fluent.


Your language skills will be (almost) as good as those of native speakers.

How good is your German? Take our placementtest.


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