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Cultural Activities
One of our main topics is, besides German language instruction, to make you and all of our students familar with the interesting things about Germany, especially on the cultural and economic fields. Once a week we'll therefore provide activities on changing topics. There will be visits of Frankfurt city sightseeing points such as the historical centre of Frankfurt, Goethehaus (place of birth of famous poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe), and Paulskirche (first German parliament), as well as going to museums, or visiting famous industries (Opelwerke, a GM production site; Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), or leisure sports activities.
All students are welcome to take part in these activities.

Night life, Entertainment, and Parties
Updated Information on Frankfurt night life you'll find at:

Reduced Admission Fees
Reduced admission fees will be granted on most institutions and events presenting your student's ID.

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen ...

"Hop and Malt"


Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen ...
Get in touch with TV and radio shows! Visiting the production sites and studios of TV channels, like "Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen" (ZDF) located in Mainz, or of radio stations like "Hessischer Rundfunk" (HR) in Frankfurt, will show you the work of reporters and of the technical staff.

The impressive skyline of Frankfurt is unique in Europe, representing urbanity and self-confidence. On a sightseeing tour along the high-rises you will learn interesting facts about architecture, urban planning, and construction.

How to get an Apple into a Bottle
"Possmann" is the name of a press house famous for its cider. At the "Possmann" production site you will learn about the secrets of cider production.

Urban Life and Work
Numerous famous architects, e.g. Richard Meier, Sir Norman Foster or Helmut Jahn, have formed the character of Frankfurt. Visions of urban life and work are linked with their architecture. Stated objective: to provide a higher quality of living.

By the River
On the banks of the river Main you'll find one of Frankfurt's central parks where you may relax, have a picnic and enjoy the sight of the Frankfurt skyline.

"Hop and Malt"
The art of brewing beer is part of German culture and heritage. A guided tour on the site of the brewery "Henninger/Binding" will show you the process an some secrets of brewing beer.

The Hessian Capital
Wiesbaden ist the capital of Hesse. Here you'll find the Casino, the Hessian Parliament, historical buildings of the old centre and the Residence. A popular destination to go to is Neroberg, a hill above the town. You can go there by cable railway (a technical work of art constructed in 1888) an enjoy a fantastic look at Wiesbaden.

Typically German?
Heidelberg provides a very special atmosphere both romantical and historical. On a tour to Heidelberg you'll see the old centre with its famous university steeped in tradition. On the idyllic banks of the Neckar you will have unforgetable sights on Heidelberg.

Chocolate "Made in Germany"
Cologne with its world famous cathedral and old quarters provides a very special flair. The highlight of our visit will be a guided tour to the chocolate museum "Immhoff Stollwerk". There you'll learn about the history of chocolate and how it is made out auf cocoa beans.

Skies of White and Blue
On a weekend trip to the Munich you'll encounter some characteristic features as well as the typical atmosphere of the Bavarian capital.

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